About me

Hi, I’m Christian Villatoro. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I am of Mexican nationality and very proud of my roots, I began my career in hospitality in the food and beverage area, my specialty was bars, starting to work in a French hotel chain, which sent me to different places to learn the culture and its culinary and beverage arts, I worked in places like Cancun Quintana Roo, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, in United States Colorado and Florida, in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, after all those trips and enriching my knowledge of each place, I returned to Mexico to work for a super luxury hotel chain on which made me sophisticated my knowledge and be more detailed in my work, the high standards that are handled in a luxury hotel motivated me to have a continuous education in food and beverages, studying topics from learning more about spirits and wines, bar and restaurant design to hospitality management.

I developed within my career in hospitality until I was a bar manager, managing more than 100 employees and more than 14 bars on each property, does it sound stressful to you? For me it was not, it was a learning that I loved, and that’s why I made this blog to teach a little about this passion that I have for cocktails.

I like to share knowledge that after hotel management and so many courses that I took, I decided to share what I learned by founding a consultancy in bars and restaurants, offering wine, tequila, and mezcal tasting services, teaching mixology courses and giving consultancies to businesses such as bars, restaurants, and hotels.

My passion doesn’t stop so I decided to create this blog dedicated to people who love and want to learn how to make easy cocktails.

I like to travel a lot and in each place that I have visited I like to visit the most popular bars and learn a little about the cocktails of the region, I have some very good stories in bars that I visit, I consider myself a gastronomy lover too, so It is an excellent combination to experience new flavors, it is incredible to travel and discover gastronomic cultures, I traveled to Brazil as well as to some European countries where I was surprised with the level of mixology that these countries have,

It is a pleasure to make content for people who love or like cocktails so they can learn how to prepare them for their family and friends.

¡Enjoy every cocktail!